“Settle for More” is a very powerful motto that many people use to find their motivation when they try to accomplish their goals. This is also the title of a very interesting book written by one of the most respected journalists in America. Her name is Megyn Kelly and everyone knows her from her interesting TV shows in Fox News and NBC channels.

Megyn is one of the few journalists who managed to cement her reputation and career path with a unique combination of hard work, authenticity, and humor. This is why she is regarded as a news anchor and one of the few journalists who really speaks her mind and is not influenced by any external factors. What is more, this book can be seen as a personal journal as Megyn reveals many aspects of her personal life and even creates a chapter dedicated to her weight loss routine and daily schedule.

Megyn Kelly Weight Loss Secrets

Before going too deep into Megyn Kelly’s weight loss secrets, you have to be aware of the fact that she is 46 years old and she has three kids. We know it may seem surreal how a woman with these characteristics could look that good, but Megyn is the living proof that this is actually possible. Everything lies behind her diet and lifestyle that she is strictly following.

One surprising thing about Megyn is that she hates exercising. However, she tries to do it as often as she can because being skinny is not enough. She likes having a toned body and even though the kids may be great for working out, she still goes to the gym for a couple of more focused exercises. Her trainers are following closely how her body shape evolves and they create personalized training sessions for her.

Moreover, Megyn is very lucky because she has a natural beauty. She is very aware of her attributes and it does not bother her when someone tells her how gorgeous she is. She knows that journalism is a visual medium and so she has tried to use her beauty skills as best as possible to reach her goals. Megyn, just like many other women on this planet, has also had moments when she had put on some weight, especially during pregnancy. However, she has always managed to lose weight miraculously and not let her fans see any flaws in her silhouette. Now one thing we can’t deny is that she does use the Megyn Kelly Weight Loss Diet pills.

Her diet is extremely simple and she has managed to develop it after years of challenging her body with all types of strict and frustrating diets. Now, at 46 years old, Megyn knows her body very well and has reached to a point when a balanced lifestyle makes the difference in her weight. If we were to summarize Megyn Kelly’s weight loss secrets, we would begin with the most important meal of the day which is the breakfast. Megyn never skips it and she has also managed to implement this behavior┬áto all her family members.

Moreover, she enjoys eating fibers and proteins at every meal. They are very important to give her the daily energy that she needs considering her busy schedule. Last but not least, the water is also very important. It helps her stay hydrated during the day and it also has incredible effects on her skin and appearance.