The market nowadays is being bombarded with many different brands of anti-aging wrinkle creams. This gives a lot of people a lot of options to address their skin aging problems. But what are really the things you can expect from anti-aging wrinkle creams?

Sun Protection

Whether you are young or old, the sun is one of the factors that contribute to skin damage, especially if you are too much exposed to it. However, as you get older, you get more affected by the damage caused by the sun due to your skin’s weakening ability to protect itself. As you age, your skin slowly loses collagen, making it easy for the sun to cause damage to the skin.

Anti-aging wrinkle creams claim to give your skin protection from the sun. These products usually contain UVA and UVB protection. This will not only serve as sun block to prevent darkening of the skin and sun burns, but also protects from further sun damage to the skin like sun spots.

Wrinkle Reduction

As you age, when collagen production weakens, your skin easily gets wrinkled, especially on the face. When you frown, squint, etc. it is easier for wrinkles to form because of the lack of collagen. Anti-aging wrinkle creams like the Christie Brinkley anti aging wrinkle cream contain ingredients like plant extracts and antioxidants that help promote collagen production and rid the skin from free radicals.

As suppleness is brought back to the skin, the formation of wrinkles is lessened if not totally gone.

Skin Rejuvenation

Anti-aging wrinkle creams also have the ability to renew your aging skin and give it a whole new and younger look. They allow the old and sagging skin to be replaced with a new, moisturized and supple skin. This ability also removes all skin impurities like age spots, sagging skin, wrinkles and a lot more.

Skin Repair

As your skin gets stained by age spots, dryness, wrinkles, etc. it can be difficult to repair these impurities when you rely on your body alone, especially if you are already getting older. But, when you use anti-aging wrinkle creams, you can expect your skin to be repaired as your skin healing ability at night is improved. Most of the time these creams contain ingredients that promote nigh healing to the skin.

Nighttime, while you sleep is usually the time when your body heals and with the help of these anti-aging creams, the nighttime healing process is made more improved.

IR Protection

The sun protection ability of anti-aging wrinkle creams is also good at preventing skin cancer with its IR protection. Infrared rays are what causes skin cancer as it penetrates deeply into the skin and encourage more free radicals.

What’s worse is that, it is not only skin cancer that you have to be worried about, but also the fact that exposure to IR can also disrupt the efficiency of anti-aging products no matter how much you apply them. Some of the anti-aging creams contain infrared rays protection so your skin is not only protected from cancer but you are also assured that it will be more effective in removing fine lines, wrinkles and other skin impurities.